You Can’t Get This with WORK Alone

What do YOU want? What things are you trying to manifest by hard work? How would your days be spent if you didn’t have to work so hard?

Would you take a drive through the mountains, hills, woods, or to the ocean?

Would you take your friends or family on a camping trip?

What kind of car(s) would you drive?

Where would you live?


Take 10 minutes to think of the things you really want at this point in time. Focus on the way you would feel if you had these things, and bring those feelings into your curent reality. Next, get into the the physicality and the realness of the feelings. Bring it into the present moment. What does it feel like to walk in the beautiful garden of your luxuory home? What fragrances can you smell? How does it feel to be swimming in your luxurious pool? How does it feel with the wind in your face while driving your new sports convertable? Get the picture?


The place where many people get tripped up is this; HARD WORK ALONE CANNOT BRING THIS LIFESTYLE…

Struggle will rarely bring wealth.


Lot’s of people work super hard but never get the life they truly desire.

So what does bring you the things you want in life?


If you can get to the place where you have a desire, and DON’T contradict the belief of it, your actions towards it will be more fruitful.

In other words, stop feeling the absence of the things you want. When you acknowledge something you want, stop feeling the anguish of not having it. Stop identifying with thoughts that you can’t get it, or that you can’t figure it out.


It’s essential to STOP doing counterproductive things before any positive actions will produce results. If you hold onto the beliefs that you can’t have something, or you’ll never get there, or you’re not accustomed to having extraordinary circumstances, you can work day and night and never get very far.


Take this first step towards changing your focus, and then watch how your experiences will flip into what you DO want.